Everyone speaks of Islamization. There is no daily news in which sooner or later Islam will not be mentioned. You think that is the high point of it all? Think again. Here you will read what will very concretely arrive in the future: From your dog to your wine reserves, all the way to your gay neighbor! A guest entry by Barbara Köster – Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation.

One word for you, Dear readers, in case that you don’t see a larger problem about Islam. I want to try and show you, which possibilities are becoming reality and what you are supporting if you support those that accept Islamization and even purposefully bring it here. You will have to decide if this is how you want to live.

To all house and apartment owners and renters:

You own your property unrightfully. Rightfully it belongs to Muslims. This also goes for all the things you own which you have looked at as your own property until now. For the practical transference of your alleged property to the true owners, time is merely not quite ripe yet.

Here you can read more: GATES OF VIENNA

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Karin Chiocci-Landry
Karin Chiocci-Landry

der Afrikamigranten Tsunami wird schlimmer und schlimmer, von der EU ist keine Abhilfe zu erwarten, im Gegenteil.


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